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Introduction of GGR

Go for Green Revolution (GGR) Pvt Limited established under Companies Ordinance 1984, is a consulting firm based in Islamabad, which provides environmental, management, economic, and technical consultancy services to Public, Social and Private sector needs. Though the core services are technical in nature, but overall approach is to consult, facilitate, mobilize, outreach and interact with all the stakeholders and enable communities, organizations, industries and government to work in harmony for achieving national sustainable development goals in the field of environment, Climate Change adaptation and mitigation & energy, hydropower (Dams and Water Resources development), Natural Resource Management, industry, infrastructure development, information technology, capacity building etc from Feasibility to Project implementation. GGR is operated by a highly qualified team of Pakistani professionals who are graduates of prestigious educational institutions and have been involved in a number of important national projects requiring extensive first-hand experience. Leading staff members hold Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the fields of Environment, Forestry, Law, Computer Science, Agriculture, economic and Project Management. GGR is aiming for both large and small scales projects for private sector, bilateral institutions, international partner consulting companies, international and national NGOs and international financing institutions.